Cibersys Driving Profitable Growth, Delivering More In-Demand LATAM Numbers with AVOXI Platform

Cibersys has seen revenue growth through AVOXI's Flex program. Discover their success in expanding their LATAM number inventory for their clients - all on one centralized platform. 

cibersys drives profitable growth with avoxi

Cibersys is a multinational ICT provider serving corporations with internet, security, and cloud solutions in Latin America (LATAM). As a technology provider in the LATAM regional telecommunications landscape, Cibersys aids its customers with technical support and expertise consulting for enhanced global connectivity. 

With a focus on value-add services, Cibersys relies on AVOXI’s intuitive cloud communications platform to extend its voice footprint and supply reliable business phone numbers in the markets they require. Since the partnership began in August of 2017, AVOXI has delivered hard-to-obtain virtual numbers on-demand. Backed by modern cloud infrastructure and broad global coverage, Cibersys has easily expanded its inventory while increasing productivity and revenue. 

Problems to solve for Cibersys

With a supermajority of customers operating in LATAM, Cibersys sought a partner that could provide reliable DID numbers to grow its book of business. A global communications provider with extensive reach, coupled with flexible subscriptions and competitive rates managed on a single interface, was most welcomed. In came AVOXI. 

  • Reliable Voice Coverage. Serving LATAM businesses, Cibersys pursued a global communications platform that offered quick and reliable local DIDs and toll free numbers to expand their voice services. AVOXI’s easy-to-use and self-sourcing software made it easy to provision, activate, and deliver those numbers to clients in just a few clicks.
  • Flexible Voice Solutions. The ability to supply international numbers that suited their bottom line was important for Cibersys. A flexible solutions partner with month-to-month terms and in-country service with market-leading rates was of value. 
  • Centralized Inventory Management System. Finding a cloud-based solution that could instantly provision numbers and store their entire inventory was crucial. AVOXI provided a reliable system that could simplify their number management from a single dashboard. 

“I needed a specific number to close a big deal for the company,” says Robert Power, Business Director of Cibersys. “AVOXI had the larger DID offering and I found the one I was looking for, which helped us land the client and generated 20% more in revenue.”  

The AVOXI solution

To expand its customer account portfolio, Cibersys needed a partner that could provide global VoIP numbers they couldn’t access. For Robert Power, Business Director, that called for a voice partner who could offer dependable and extensive coverage throughout Latin America. That partner was AVOXI.  

  • Expansive LATAM Coverage. Utilizing AVOXI’s extensive carrier network and instant-provisioning capabilities, Cibersys can easily access and provide its customers with reliable, authentic local and toll free numbers spanning the LATAM market and beyond. AVOXI makes it easy to activate virtual numbers around the world - even in hard-to-get countries - quickly. 
  • Improved Performance and Profitability. Cibersys leaned on AVOXI to quickly deploy virtual numbers across markets including Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela. With its intuitive dashboard capabilities and dependable numbers, Cibersys increased new customer onboarding productivity which resulted in 20% revenue growth
  • Secure Network with High-Quality Voice. AVOXI’s fully resilient and cloud-native platform adds confidence to Cibersys’s global operations. Backed by secure international network infrastructure, Cibersys can more effectively deliver higher-quality voice connections, better uptime response, and reliable business numbers in the markets their customers need. 
  • Simplified, Easy-to-Use Platform. AVOXI’s easy-to-use platform supports Cibersys’s business growth with quality communications solutions housed in one system. Leveraging one unified platform to access global numbers, Cibersys can simplify its voice inventory management process and proactively monitor call quality to ensure reliable call origination and termination. 

“Partnering with AVOXI has been a great experience,” notes Power. “Its platform is a great addition to our business technologies, and our customers have been very satisfied with the reliability and quality of the numbers.” 

Better scale and centralize your global inventory footprint

Looking to extend your global inventory and simplify your number management system like Cibersys? AVOXI is the cloud communications solution of choice for global ICT businesses. Connect with us today and see what we can do for your business communication goals.