Voice Analytics Reporting

Start transforming
data into action.

Establish benchmarks and stay ahead of your business performance with integrated voice analytics and call reporting. Data-backed insight is the only way to be sure that you’re moving towards success.


Business Intelligence Reports

Holistic reporting whenever you need it.


Simplified Agent Coaching

Real-time feedback, performance-building success.


Set Goals & Benchmark

Establish, monitor and meet expectations.

Business Intelligence Reports

Empower Better Performance and Growth With Detailed Call Analytics

Activity Reports

Understand how your team is performing.

Critical key performance indicators

Get to the bottom of your most important call metrics, including total calls, average talk time and call outcomes, by team or agent.

Maintain service level agreements

Set goals and monitor your team’s progress according to your service level and custom benchmarks.

Analytics at a glance

See both historical and real-time reports, providing you the data needed to reallocate resources where necessary - in an instant.


Call Insights

Get greater visibility into your network voice quality.

Measure call quality

Proactively track packet loss, jitter and MOS activity through filter options that help you make the most of your business objectives.

Discover and address

Identify audio trends, drill down into end-to-end infrastructure performance and send quality of support (QoS) requests with one click.

Put your data to use

Use your call quality metrics to drive valuable decision-making solutions that fuel growth.

Call Recording

Keep an eye and ear on the conversation.

Never miss a word

Record, playback and review your team’s business calls to ensure accurate and consistent service under fully-compliant regulations.

Get the full picture

Measure the quality of the conversation, call duration, call status and more to see the full picture of your team’s performance.

Improve service quality

Use the recordings to provide training and address communication gaps when engaging with customers.


Automated Reports

Keep your team and leadership on the same page.

Collaborate efficiently

Schedule and share insights within your organization to improve collaboration and optimization.

Make data-backed decisions

Increase agent productivity, improve transparency and make recommendations based on comprehensive analytics.

Share actionable insights

Easily automate and send custom reports from your voice analytics dashboard, any time.

Guide Your Team With Targeted Support

Simplified Agent Coaching

Live Monitoring & Coaching

Instill confidence into your agents when they need assistance. Listen in, join the conversation and provide coaching on the spot with call monitoring software that puts the conversation back on track and builds long-term success.

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Set Goals & Benchmark

Set Goals & Benchmark Success

Monitoring service level enables you to improve your business’s customer satisfaction targets and hold your teams accountable. Set goals and benchmark your KPIs against your service level agreement (SLA) to ensure expectations are consistently met.

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