Skills-Based Call Routing

Skills-Based Routing

Route Calls to the Right Person at the Right Time

Advanced Routing from AVOXI offers a suite of intelligent routing options for directing your callers to the right person at the right time. Match callers to agents based on common skills like spoken language and prioritize your most important callers to ensure an outstanding caller experience that leaves them feeling loved.

skills based routing

Find the Perfect Match for Your Callers

Leverage time of day routing, skills based routing, VIP routing or database integrations to  drive customer calls to the right team in seconds.

  • Increase First Call Resolution. With AVOXI’s advanced routing feature, businesses can intelligently route callers to the agent best suited for handling their call. Skills-based routing finds the perfect match for your customer and enables call centers to reduce handle time and increase first call resolution. 
  • Give Callers the VIP Treatment. Ensure your most loyal customers feel valued by routing them to a dedicated team of all-star agents. With priority routing, VIP customers can bypass long call queues and quickly connect to the next available agent. 
  • Improve Overall Customer Satisfaction. With time of day routing, call center managers can decide which calls go to which agents based on schedule and availability. By routing callers to available agents that are best skilled to address their needs, businesses are able to create a relevant and timely service experience that leaves customers satisfied.

Implement Advanced Routing in Minutes!

Setting up intelligent routing for your call center is simple. Within a few clicks, businesses can assign, organize and easily manage their agents based on customized skills. Optimize your call center workforce and increase productivity while delivering a best in class service to your callers.

Additional Features to Improve Your Customer Experience


Refine the Conversation

Participate in live customer calls to not only analyze your customer service interaction but also to provide coaching to your employees when they need it the most - on the spot. Live Monitoring from AVOXI allows managers to passively participate in customer conversations and provide single side feedback to agents to improve performance and increase customer satisfaction.


Give Your Customer More Time Back in Their Day

With Queue Callback technology, you can now give more time back to your customer’s day and eliminate sticking points that often lead to a poor experience overall. AVOXI’s Queue Callback allows callers to reserve their spot in line and receive a callback from your team rather than waiting on hold.


Personalize Every Call

Increase brand loyalty and show your customers you care by delivering personalized conversations on every call. Leverage AVOXI’s communications platform to seamlessly integrate the CRM, Helpdesk and key technologies that matter most to your business. Learn more.

Improve Customer Experience Today!

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