Queue Callback

Queue Callback

Improve customer experiences and reduce call abandonment by allowing callers to save their place in the queue and opt for a call back when an agent is available. Try AVOXI’s callback software risk-free today!

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Queue Callback Software

Queue callback, also known as automated callback, allows callers to save their place in the call queue and receive a call back when an agent becomes available. It’s no secret that many customers dread calling into businesses--long wait times and difficult call routing prompts can often lead to abandoned calls and displeased customers. With customer callback software, you can now give more time back to your customer’s day and eliminate sticking points that often lead to a poor experience overall.

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Reduce Your Call Abandonment

Automated callback allows your callers to reserve their spot in the queue and receive a call back from your team instead of waiting on hold. By saving them time, you'll reduce call abandonment rates and see customer satisfaction increase.

Customer Callbacks
That Your Agents Will Love

What if we said we could do the heavy lifting for your team? With AVOXI's Queue Callback, your returned calls are instantly assigned and prompted for the next available agent. With one-click, the returned call is made and the next customer in line is activated.

Top Notch Customer Service

Your customers want to have quick and easy conversations with your brand. Features like Queue Callback saves your customers' time, help your agents easily handle calls, and helps provide a top-notch customer experience that will keep your customers calling back.

Setting Up Queue Callback is Easy and Affordable

Set up queue callback software and manage your inbound calls from an intuitive online interface.


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Take advantage of Help Desk and CRM integrations to give your agents more context during customer callbacks.


Queue Management

See how many agents are available, on calls, how many calls are waiting, the average wait time, and maximum wait time.

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Save on Call Charges

Rather than paying for every minute a caller is waiting in the queue, queue callback's virtual hold doesn't charge you anything.

Free PBX

Agent Management

View agent statuses and the call queues they are in, and manage and coach your agents with live call monitoring.


Seamless Integration with the Technologies Your Business Relies On

Getting started is easy and workflows are integrated with where you are already working.

Common Questions About Customer Callback Software

How does automated callback work?

Callers waiting in the queue are offered the option to receive an automatic call back. If they select it, they will be asked if they would like their return call to be made to their current number.

The customer hangs up, and a virtual hold is placed in the queue to save their place. Once the virtual hold reaches the front of the line, AVOXI initiates a customer callback. AVOXI also tags this call with a callback label for your reporting and analytics. 

An automated message plays, informing the customer that this is the callback they requested. The customer will confirm they are ready for the callback before being connected to an agent.

Can I create custom prompts for the callback?

Yes! Admins may create custom prompts for queue callback messages and agent alerts. 

Does your software support international callback?

Yes! However, we can not guarantee international callback will work in all countries, as the returned call will use the CLI from the inbound call. Due to carrier restrictions, we are not permitted to send local calls over an international trunk. In addition, select countries will not allow us to show a toll free number as the CLI as they require us to show a geographical number.

Do callers have to enter their contact information to receive a callback?

No. Genius will automatically collect the callers' contact information and end the call. The call will remain in the queue, automatically route to the next available agent, and dial the customer back.

How much does callback software cost?

Customer callback software is an included feature available to Genius Enterprise users. Enterprise user licenses are priced at $39.99 per user per month.

Is the customer callback included if I am using the Unlimited Calling Plan?

Once the returned call is connected, talk time for a queue callback is not included in the Unlimited Calling Plan. However, the applicable terminating rate for customer callbacks will be substantially lower than the standard rate charged when dialing out manually.

Still Have Questions About
Automated Callback Software?

We are here to help! Get a demo or try a free trial
and see what queue callback can do for your business.

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Still Have Questions About
Automated Callback Software?

We are here to help! Get a demo or try a free trial and see what queue callback can do for your business.