Phone Number Porting (Transfer Business Telephone Numbers)

VoIP Number Porting

Get a Month of Free Calls When You Transfer Business Phone Numbers to AVOXI

Transfer your business numbers to AVOXI and get your first month of calls for free! Enjoy all the benefits of the AVOXI platform without giving up your existing business phone numbers with VoIP number porting.


VoIP Phone Number Porting for Business

VoIP number porting refers to the process of transferring a business phone number to a new carrier. Whether you are looking for more affordable rates, improved call quality, or better business features, AVOXI's number porting service makes it easy to transfer toll free, local, and non-geographic numbers from 100+ countries. For a limited time, porting business phone numbers to AVOXI will earn you a full month of free calling, no matter how many calls you take! 

How VoIP Number Porting Works

If you've tried to port business numbers in the past, especially internationally, you probably already know how much the porting process can change depending on the phone number's country, carrier, and dial-code. Luckily, AVOXI's international number porting team excels at simplifying this process for customers in over 100 countries.


Business Phone Number Porting Requirements

While the requirements to transfer phone numbers may differ between countries, in most cases you will need some combination of the following to start a VoIP number port: 

Letter of Authorization: This allows a new carrier to reach out to your current provider and start the number porting process for you. AVOXI provides this for anyone interested in transferring a business number to our network.

Proof of Ownership: Providing proof of ownership is as simple as sending a PDF copy of an invoice that associates your number, name, and billing address.

Number Porting Form: An additional form may be required to port international number. This is not required to port US or Canadian phone numbers. 

Why So Many Companies Switch to AVOXI

There is a reason so many companies choose to port their business phone numbers to AVOXI's reliable VoIP network!


With VoIP numbers available in 170+ countries, managing all your business numbers in one place is easy with AVOXI.


Our international number porting experts make it quick and easy to transfer business numbers from 100+ countries.


Every VoIP business includes virtual attendant, call forwarding, voicemail management and more at no extra cost.


For a limited time, get a full month of free calling with every business number you port to AVOXI's VoIP network.

How to Port Business Numbers to AVOXI

The fastest way to start the number porting process with AVOXI is through our online shopping cart. Simply select your country, then choose the "Port" option in the second dropdown. Purchase any package size you'd like, as after you complete the shopping cart an AVOXI expert will reach out to confirm your details, set up your account for the right size plan for you, and credit your account to cover a month's worth of calls!
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If you want to port a business number that from a country does not have a porting option listed in the cart yet, please complete our short porting request form and a porting expert will reach out to you shortly. 


Check International Phone Number Portability

Backed by 20 years of experience in international VoIP services, nobody but AVOXI makes business phone number porting so easy in 100+ countries.

*Number Types Note: ITFS refers to toll free numbers, DID refers to local phone numbers, and National refers to non-geographic numbers. 

Algeria DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Australia National Yes - Port Now!
Australia DID Yes - Port Now!
Austria ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Austria DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Bahamas ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Belgium DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Belgium ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Bermuda ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Brasil DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Brasil ITFS Yes - Port Now!
Brunei Darussalam ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Bulgaria DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Cameroon DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Canada DID Yes - Port Now!
Canada ITFS Yes - Port Now!
Chile DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Chile ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Colombia ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Croatia DID Yes
Croatia ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Curacao National Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Cyprus ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Czech Republic ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Denmark ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Dominican Republic ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Estonia ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Estonia DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Finland DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Finland ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
France DID Yes - Port Now!
France ITFS Yes - Port Now!
France National Yes, contact [email protected]
French Guiana ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Germany ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Germany DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Germany National Yes, contact [email protected]
Greece DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Guadeloupe ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Hong Kong ITFS Yes - Port Now!
Hungary ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Hungary DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Hungary National Yes, contact [email protected]
Iceland ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Ireland ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Ireland DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Ireland National Yes, contact [email protected]
Isle of Man Mobile Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Israel DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Israel National Yes - Port Now!
Italy ITFS Yes - Port Now!
Japan ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Korea, South ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Korea, South DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Lithuania DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Lithuania ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Luxembourg DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Malaysia DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Martinique ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Mayotte ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Mexico DID Yes - Port Now!
Mexico ITFS Yes - Port Now!
Monaco ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Montserrat ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Morocco ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Netherlands ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Netherlands DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Netherlands National Yes, contact [email protected]
New Zealand DID Yes, contact [email protected]
New Zealand ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Panama DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Peru DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Peru ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Poland National Yes, contact [email protected]
Poland DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Portugal DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Puerto Rico DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Reunion ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Romania ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Romania National Yes, contact [email protected]
Romania DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Russian Federation DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Russian Federation ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Saint Kitts and Nevis ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Saint Lucia ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Singapore National Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Slovakia DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Slovakia ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Slovenia ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Slovenia DID Yes, contact [email protected]
South Africa DID Yes - Port Now!
South Africa Toll Free Yes - Port Now!
Spain DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Spain ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Spain National Yes, contact [email protected]
Sudan DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Sweden DID Yes, contact [email protected]
Sweden ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Switzerland ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
Switzerland DID Yes - Port Now!
Turks and Caicos Islands ITFS Yes, contact [email protected]
United Arab Emirates ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
United Kingdom ITFS Yes - Port Now!
United Kingdom DID Yes - Port Now!
United Kingdom National Yes - Port Now!
United States of America DID Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
United States of America ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Venezuela ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Vietnam National Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Virgin Islands, British ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]
Virgin Islands, U.S. ITFS Portable in most cases. Contact [email protected]

Common Questions About VoIP Number Transfers

Backed by 20 years of experience providing international VoIP services, nobody but AVOXI makes business phone number porting so easy in 100+ countries. 

How long does it take to port a phone number?

The time required to complete a VoIP number transfer varies due to differences in the regulating bodies between countries and bottlenecks caused by the originating carrier. In most cases, international number ports to AVOXI are completed in: 

  • US and Canada toll free porting: 1-2 weeks
  • US and Canada local number porting: 2-3 weeks
  • International number porting: 3-4 weeks

What will it cost to port a business phone number?

If you'd like to port a business phone number to AVOXI, your total costs depend on your other carrier, as they may have a fee for porting numbers out in your contract. If they do not charge to port numbers out of their network, then porting your phone numbers is free! In fact, AVOXI will credit your account so you don't even pay for your first month of calls with on our network. 

How can I prevent delays while transferring business phone numbers?

There are a couple of steps you can take to ensure there are no delays during your VoIP number transfer:

  1. Make sure all of the details on your LOA are correct. Simple mistakes on this form can potentially cause your port request to be rejected.
  2. Do not discontinue your original service before porting is completed. If you do, you risk having your number released and losing it forever.

How can I avoid service interruptions while transferring a business phone number?

Businesses can’t just disconnect their number for a month without significant losses. To help avoid service interruption, you can set up call forwarding to a temporary line from your new provider. Now, any calls made to your primary business number will be automatically forwarded to your temporary line.

Can I port landline numbers to VoIP?

Yes, there is no special process or procedure required to do port landline numbers to VoIP. AVOXI will transfer landlines to VoIP numbers for free, and even pay you for porting!

What else should I consider when requesting a VoIP number transfer?

Before beginning the porting process, make sure you have reviewed the terms with your existing service provider. If you are in a contract, there may be early termination fees. Also, be sure that your account is in good standing before starting to port. If you have an outstanding balance, your previous provider may choose to terminate your service and release your number before the port is completed.  Finally, be sure to check if your business number is portable. In rare instances, a number may not be eligible for porting.

Can customers still reach me during the number porting process?

Yes, if you follow the steps outlined above, your business numbers should remain active throughout the process. For an extra layer of security, you can set up a temporary VoIP number with AVOXI and forward calls made to your original number until the porting process is complete. 

What else can AVOXI do for my business?

In addition to the best international number porting services anywhere, AVOXI is known for providing business phone numbers around the world and flexible, affordable contact center software.

Still Have Questions About Porting Business Phone Numbers?

We are here to help! Contact us with any questions you have about porting business phone numbers and an AVOXI expert will be with you shortly.